Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HUGE SALE and another FUN event!

Ok Ladies, our HUGE sale is still going on and it's been a hit! I've had customers by the dozens coming to pick up their orders at my home and I've been in my lovely pijamas the last 2 days shipping, shipping and shipping all the fun things you've ordered. It's been a blast to hear your feedback and know that you're as excited about our products and prices as I am. Thank you to all our local celebrities for wearing and loving Tres Chic Boutique jewelry/handbags/apparel and for continuing to send us customers. You're the best! What would I do without such wonderful customers??? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Another fun event this weekend....Woohoo! We've had sooo many boutiques, home parties, shows, etc. and I may be a little tired but this is SOOOO much fun! I love meeting customers in person and THANKS for bringing all your friends with you! This one's in Highland so print out this flyer and take the directions with you. It's going to be another great one and you do NOT want to miss out!!!

A funny little story...I was in a store tonight and one woman in the aisle said, "Hey! You're the Tres Chic Boutique lady right? I just love your stuff!" I laughed, half embarrassed, as I was in my track suit with my cute fleur de lis rhinestone cadet cap (of course) but hadn't showered yet today as I was so busy working and cleaning. LOL, I didn't think I'd ever get recognized looking like that and prayed I wouldn't bump into anyone I knew. Lucky for me I had that cute hat on so I didn't feel like a total bum. Anyway, if you see me out and about in your part of town please don't hesitate to say hi! I really do love it, even if I'm embarrassed that I'm not all ready for the day ;-) I enjoy meeting my customers and love you all so much for supporting my passion that allows me to be a stay-at-home and also help Tres Chic Boutique to become a well-known name in Utah (and spreading all over the world). I can't believe what a successful 1st year of business we've had, I'm truly grateful. Thanks to each one of you we'll continue to share new fun and fabulous finds at GREAT prices!
xo, Summer

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