Friday, October 30, 2009

NEW Chic Bib Necklaces & NEW Chic Ties!!!

Tres Chic Boutique is now carrying the CUTEST and MOST AFFORDABLE Bib Necklaces you've ever seen!!!! My designer is gorgeous, talented, detail-oriented and has a great eye for picking out fabrics. I love the styles she's chosen for our first line of necklaces. They're already getting a lot of hype. Many have come to our store, Bliss, for them and are now buying them from our online store, Tres Chic Boutique. When women squeal in a high-pitched voice and tell you that they love them, you KNOW you have a good product! I've worn mine everywhere I go and people stop and stare. It's the hottest new trend just hitting the market so we're bringing it to you first.
Also, I have another lovely artist making the CUTEST boy and matching mens ties now on my site. Look under "Chic Ties" and order for family pictures, church, weddings (made to match) and even for your everyday working man.
I'm so proud to carry these 2 new collections. Hurry and shop NOW! To celebrate these exciting products, we're giving you 10% off everything at Tres Chic Boutique until Sunday night. Enter "HALLOWEEN10" at checkout to receive your discount. Don't forget, your holiday event would awesome if you had on a new bib necklace and your man had on a new tie ;-)

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